Our Mission


Our main mission is to support and help partners to implement a successful training project. The Certitrain’s training programs are designed to give our partners practical information that includes strategies, tactics, tips and techniques that can be applied immediately to improve their specific situations and requests.

The Certitrain - Training Tools & Certification, will be one of the most effective Partner of its kind in Arabic area by offering the highest accessible services that are designed to meet current and emerging market needs.

Planning Your Training Project - Develop a Plan

Our main success by understanding when and why to use the various ICT learning solutions or a combination of several training strategies, to properly blend the right approaches for the best outcomes. We’re the ideal partner for first-time Training projects as well as comprehensive initiatives. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration meeting.

Identify Your Training Needs

Are you facing high demands from market that requires training? Do you need to train your employees on a new desktop application? Or encourage school teachers, staff and students to use ICT and to improve the learning process? In these and countless other circumstances, custom training solutions offered by Certitrain will help increase your productivity and profitability while decreasing products and support costs.

If you have a need to train...

  • Employees
  • Students


  • Computer digital literacy
  • Microsoft applications or software
  • International language

Through customized Certitrain’s resources and services, you’ll see:

  • Quick response to training requests from any department
  • Plainly training processes management
  • Successful development process and implementation
  • Instructional design for accomplishment of the internationally approved training models
  • Reduced costs of printing/shipment training materials
  • increased speed to proficiency
  • Flexible deployment options including web-based and computer-based training
  • Review and Record training Progress

Using the planned standard training processes will allow you to track learning progress and recognize easily the candidate’s skills level in order to enhance their competencies, this can provide useful evidence of ongoing learning, and can help you to review and record progress.

Example of Training and Certification Pathway

  • Skills Assessmente Test
  • Classroom Training
  • Approved Courswares
  • Simulation Test (T-Prep)
  • Certification Exam